Spice it up with VIKRAM VIJ!

December 7 to January 5 ONLY

Celebrity Chef Vikram Vij has partnered with Bend It Like Beckham the Musical to bring you the best pre-show dinner experience! For a limited time, you can dine at Vikram Vij’s first-ever Toronto Pop-up at the Novotel Toronto Centre.

Vikram Vij is an award-winning chef, writer, restaurateur, sommelier and former Dragon’s Den Dragon. His British Columbian restaurants include Vij’s, Vij’s Rangoli, My Shanti and Vij’s Sutra.

The Pop-up dinner curated by Vikram Vij uses local ingredients to create exciting new food adventures. The dishes, such as his now-famous marinated lamb popsicles in fenugreek cream curry and sautéed arugula and spinach with paneer and roasted cashews, beautifully spiced, are far from traditional. Each of the recipes at the Pop-up will surprise diners and introduce them to the vast array of spice mixes and other quintessential ingredients.

Dinner: $89.95/person*
Location: Café Nicole in Novotel Toronto Centre, located conveniently behind the St. Lawrence Centre

*Price does not include gratuity or beverages