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It just shows, wow, why art matters. And why our stories matter.

What I really enjoyed about this feel-good 2 hour Musical was that it highlights the most important scenes from the movie, but also romanticizes it, which gives it the magic and glory of a Musical. It beautifully captures the plot outline while maintaining and highlighting cultural issues.

It’s about all the negotiations girls go through — with their families, with romance, with dealing with their parents’ expectations while learning to be their own people. Putting it all on stage has really enhanced the experience.

If you loved the movie, in my opinion, I actually think the musical is better than the film. I know the film’s good, but the great thing about the musical is that everyone gets to share their emotions. And it’s a very emotional piece.

What I wanted to show in Bend It Like Beckham was the beautiful negotiation that goes on with us to be true to our parents but also true to ourselves.

It’s human and empathetic and all the things that I strive for. That’s my kind of show.

The reason [the show] works so well, is because it captures that moment where a first generation who’s moved to a city is grappling with their own identity, and they may have kids who want to be assimilated and have their own dreams.

It’s full of women who are very empowering, very athletic, very sports womanlike