Gurinder Chadha on Bend It Like Beckham: The Musical

Artistic Director, Gurinder Chadha

Bend It Like Beckham the Musical’s Artistic Director Gurinder Chadha is also the director and co-writer of the hit movie that inspired the show. Chadha, an inspiring force, participated in some interesting discussions on why the time was right for a musical adaptation and why she thinks the musical is better than the film.  Check out some of the interviews at the links below.

The Toronto Star

Bend It Like Beckham’s co-creator explains what the film and musical are really about

“It just shows, wow, why art matters. And why our stories matter.”


Toronto Sun

Toronto’s love affair with Bend It Like Beckham

It’s about all the negotiations girls go through — with their families, with romance, with dealing with their parents’ expectations while learning to be their own people. Putting it all on stage has really enhanced the experience.


The Social

Gurinder Chadha is the Fifth host on CTV’s The Social

If you loved the movie, in my opinion, I actually think the musical is better than the film. I know the film’s good, but the great thing about the musical is that everyone gets to share their emotions. And it’s a very emotional piece.


Now Magazine

Gurinder Chadha on why Bend It Like Beckham still matters

“What I wanted to show in Bend It Like Beckham was the beautiful negotiation that goes on with us to be true to our parents but also true to ourselves.”


Burn It All Down Podcast

Gurinder Chadha Spills the Chai on Bend It Like Beckham

“It’s full of women who are very empowering, very athletic, very sports womanlike”